Dash Nigeria is a non-profit educational and promotional organization whose goal is to promote in Nigeria, the idea, understanding, and usability of the Dash Digital currency in attaining a more self-determined financial destiny and economical future.


Dash Nigeria is to make Dash the mainstream crypto currency in Nigeria, enhancing Nigeria economic growth and improving upon the living standards of its citizens through Dash Digital Cash


Dash Nigeria engages the Nigerian “Cheetah Generation” (youth), intellectuals, media, women and rural folks in understanding, promoting and exploring opportunities around Dash Digital Cash for economic freedom and financial sovereignty in Nigeria.

Nigeria, It's Our Time

Nigeria is about to experience a major disruption. Being held bound all these years by colonialism and later neo colonialism in terms of subjugation in the political and economic stratosphere of the world. Nigeria has been unable to find a voice for itself in determining the direction of events in the world.

It has been the most affected victim of the world centralized economic system that gives power to the banks and financial institution to determine the freedom of how Africans are allowed to have their financial transaction.

Africa, however, can be liberated from this imposed economic system that place the financial destiny of a people in the hands of a few select called “institutions”. Only a disruption in the system can liberate Africa from this kind of financial neo-colonialism.

This disruptive initiative is a decentralized form of financial operation that places no limit in an individual’s financial transaction. With the disruptive technology of digital cash offered by Dash and promoted by DASH Nigeria, Nigerians can be assured of a free market where they have full control of their money and right to determine how much they can be in control of as individuals.

Dash Nigeria is built upon the Dash principle of a “free market for all” allowing Africans an opportunity to free themselves from financial subjugation. With the DASH disruptive economy system, the generation Y in Africa also known as the Cheetah generation can be equipped with the means of achieving a greater future for Africa.

Dash Nigeria organizes conferences, meet-ups, media forums on Dash Digital Cash in Nigeria. Dash needs to be spread around Nigeria in the shortest possible time. We must make Nigeria a community of Dash users. This way we can achieve financial sovereignty for Nigeria.

Youths with brilliant ideas and innovations to grow the network of Dash Digital Cash users in Nigeria are supported and trained to successfully execute those ideas through the online DASH Ambassadors Program and Leadership Academy and access to Dash project grants to fund any idea and strategy that can well represent Dash and promote Dash digital Cash leading to an exponential increase in the community of Dash users.

These Youths trained would successfully execute projects that would promote the community users of dash would serve as ambassadors of dash in Nigeria. Exceptional Dash Digital Cash Ambassadors shall qualify for grants and other opportunities.